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We offer marketing, design and technology services at an affordable fixed price to achieve just one: Make your business more successful.

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We at Father Morgana are building what you can't imagine, but at a price you can afford.

"We offer you: business success."

Markus Roth, Founder

"With our new printed advertising flyers - designed and written by Father Morgana - we have achieved 73 new customer appointments for our salon within 2 weeks. That's more than 10x as many as usual - a great success! Many thanks for the great strategy!"

Susann Bach

Blickfang Lounge


Technology proven for success

We use proven technology, software and services to create successful websites, create premium brochures and flyers, and create the best copy you deserve.


That's why we can guarantee you fixed-price services at the best possible level.

Success thanks to marketing

Time is valuable to entrepreneurs like you. We know that, therefore we have developed optimized and successful methods, so that you come effectively, promptly and economically to the marketing that helps your business to more success!

📷 by Kaylah O.

Markus Roth, Founder

We share all our methods, so you will gain additional knowledge that will help you in your daily business.
With us you don't just get a website or an advertising flyer, we also show you how this works and how you can make changes yourself to remain independent of us!

How exactly does this work? Let's talk!

Father Morgana


World wide fixed priced marketing solutions to boost local business. Made in Germany.

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