How to pitch a cold audience using a creative flyer?

When was the last time you received a flyer? And how many times did you actually read through it? Unfortunately, most of these paper pitches rarely get your attention and fall home to the bin!

But what if a flyer that landed straight to your hand was able to grab your attention and you read through it? Imagine the impact and reach your business could receive if your message was able to get the initial attention!

It needs a whole bunch of creativity to get your audience hooked to your content and make them curious enough to read it through the end! Your audience will only read and take action if they believe your flyer has the solution to their problems. Creating a persuasive flyer to pitch the cold audience calls for a copy that will not only inform them of your business but also compel them to consider purchase.

Printed Flyer for Cosmetic Institute

A captivating headline is your first step

The first text your audience will read is the headline that you choose for your flyer. Make it stand out. Craft it in a way that it instantly catches the attention. For that:

  • Keep the font bolder and larger than rest of the flyer.

  • The headline shouldn’t be longer than 3-5 words at max.

  • Make sure to your powerful big promise stands out. Use phrases such as “Discover the Secret…,” “Proven ways …,” etc.

  • Don’t forget that your title should inform the context of your flyer.

Brief content ensures more readability

Remember! When designing a flyer, less is more. Always keep in mind the limitation and size of the flyer while crafting your content. Understand that people are in a hurry; they don’t have much time to read multiple paragraphs to understand what your flyer is all about. You just have a few seconds to grasp their attention. Therefore, trying to provide a lot of information will result in no information transferred at all as no one will actually read the lengthy content. Focus on the essentials and keep it concise. Never focus on filling the space. People should be able to capture in a glance what the flyer is all about.

Focus on what makes you the best choice

Grabbing your customer’s attention is not enough. Explore ways to tell them why they need to choose you and not your competitor. And for that, it is important for them to stick around until your entire message is conveyed. Make use of terms like “guaranteed,” “free,” and “save” so as to make them consider buying from you.

Use a personal approach to address

Always remember to keep your message personal and not generic. Your customer should be able to feel that you are specially addressing them. The more personal vibe your flyer generates, the more are the chances to get a response.

Deals, discounts and irresistible offers

Customers respond to discounts faster than any regular advertisement. Attaching a discount coupon onto the flyer will surely land you more customers. You can even offer multiple deals making it difficult for them to ignore availing one of them.

Never underestimate the power of CTA

Sometimes there’s too much information provided but call-to-action is overlooked which is an important part of your flyer. The readers are left thinking what to do after reading the content. CTA compels the reader to perform the required action after they are done reading. Once you’ve conveyed the intended message, tell your readers what they need to do. While “Order Now” and “Contact Us” are the common examples, never hesitate to try other creative CTA statements. Sometimes, it’s the unique approach which grabs the attention more than the usual one. Just be sure your call-to-action is clear yet persuasive.

Use the language of your target market

Your mode of communication should be that of your target audience. Once you’ve determined your target market, choose the language that fits well with it. You only get your intended results if the language that you use is easily understandable for your customers.

Include client testimonials

A clever approach to promote your brand or services is to include client testimonials in your flyer. Choose the one which is absolutely well written because customer reviews are a great source of building trust within your target audience.

Try not to overcomplicate your flyer

The simpler, the better. Gone are the times of flashy colors and images Choose 2-3 complementary or contrasting colors in a balanced format and you are good to go. Even with the font, use only 2 or 3 styles. Using high quality images is a good idea but too much stuffing is definitely not.

Similarly, divide your flyer into sections using boxes or borders. This helps in making your flyer eye-catching while the information appears to be more organized.

It’s always a good to think from a reader’s perspective before crafting your flyer. What will you prefer as an audience or what will be an ideal offer to grab your attention. There are plenty of templates available online that you can be creative with. You can also get a professional flyer here.

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