The little known ways of offline marketing which can help your business stand out

Do you remember the ‘thwack’ of the newspaper hitting your house or window? Or the weekly promotional magazines and coupons that you would pick from outside your houses? And then go excitedly go through them for discount coupons, promotions, and sales.

Now we wait for the latest update or flash sale. Furthermore, we get online codes for discounts and promotions (a truly glorious moment for online shoppers). Not to mention, we shop through pages on our screens and click our way through countless online ads.

Even though digital marketing has evened the ground for many small-time businesses to compete in bigger markets, some factors remain the same. For example, it is still a huge challenge for small businesses with limited budgets to compete with bigger corporations in advertising. That’s where offline advertising comes in! The aesthetically pleasing package design that you personalize for your customers, the brochure that talks all about your business, your business card that makes you only a call away from your customers and many other strategies that still hold large impact to date even in the digitalized world. Not to forget, the in person networking and promotional events. This combines with online marketing gives you the edge you need to not just survive, but to thrive profitably.

Why Offline Marketing?

Why not? Small businesses are usually local ventures catering to small but selected audiences. They have the advantage of establishing themselves in communities and catering to small and diverse audiences. Old fashioned, they might sound, but the impact they bring to the business success cannot be overlooked. A team of researchers suggest that people tend to make assessments of a company, its product or service merely based on the shape of the logo. Below are some the offline marketing strategies that can help you make your business stand out.

1. Use Business Cards

There is still a reason why people still use business cards. A digital address book is yet to replace them. No business is complete with having their cards.

That’s because business cards are a simple, yet effective method of offline advertising. They can be easily circulated and exchanged. You can leave them at places where your target audience frequents. Not only that, but you can also give them to potential clients and customers after a sales pitch. They serve as reminders and cannot be shut off like a screen. Never underestimate the power of s simple and elegantly designed calling card.

2. Design a memorable Business Logo

Logos are easier to remember than names. People always retain images better than names. Hence, use this to your advantage and create a memorable logo for your business. This will help your target customers remember your business and search for it easily.

Have your logo on your business cards, flyers, pamphlets, and brochures. Use it for your direct mail as well. A business logo serves as a visual calling card for customers.

3. Use pamphlets and brochures to attract customers

Print short and attractive pamphlets and brochures. Make sure to include important information like products and services you offer along with location and promotional offers. Leave your brochures and pamphlets at places like salons and clinics where people generally have to wait for appointments.

This is a great tactic to attract customers as it is cheap yet effective. Small businesses can attract customers easily through circulating print media at nearby localities.

4. Network your way into the Market

Before online networking started with blogs and forums, there was traditional networking. In case you are wondering how that is done, well… it's the same. Only, you need to meet people to network. And to date, it’s one of the most effective methods of advertising.

All you need to do is create make yourself visible in the market. Give seminars and participate in talk shows. Display your expertise through free classes and articles. Go to trade shows and business events to circulate business cards and brochures.

5. Get Personal

Small businesses have the advantage of operating in small close-knit communities. Hence, sponsor events and make donations to local causes. Also, get to know your customers and get direct feedback from them to improve your business.

Additionally, make sure your customers have a pleasurable shopping experience in your store. Offer additional benefits like a baby room, play area, or a free refreshment stand.

6. Work with other businesses

Partner up with other businesses in your communities to enjoy mutual benefits. Give discounts or promotional offers with specific products. Also, circulate your store info at these stores through appointment cards, flyers, and brochures.

7. Mail, not Email

It may be difficult to believe, but people still receive direct mail. They prefer it to electronic mail as it is more personalized. Use that to your advantage by getting offers and information to people by delivering letters door to door.

Offline advertising strategies have as much of an impact on boosting sales as online marketing. The difference is that it has a more laidback approach. It will slowly and gradually get results. As a result, you will be able to firmly entrench yourself in the market. Ned help with a cost-effective and successful marketing strategy to increase sales? Book a free call here

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