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Markus Roth, Founder

Your small business can’t get to quality without quantity!

What that means? I tell you in the video.

We at Father Morgana Agency are creators of tomorrow. We create your tomorrow today. Markus has been working in marketing for large companies for over 20 years now, 14 years of which he spent with his own large agency. But doing marketing for large companies is no longer what Markus is interested in. It is the small companies that interest him, the founders, their ideas, the lovely little businesses around the world that are really close to the people.

We are an advertising agency that really cares about people. People who visit your stores or shop on your website.

People are what makes your business grow. 

That's why it's especially important how, when and where you as a business owner establish the first contact with your end customer.

And here we are different from all the other agencies and marketing people out there. We show you how to reach more valuable customers and how to keep them. We don't hide and work in the dark for you,... No, we work with you!

And that's the point. We are a German advertising agency and with German precision we approach the solutions to the problems of our advertising clients. Whether you are booking a website or a flyer, there is always someone with you, someone you can talk to, someone who can advise you, someone who can help you achieve the best possible success with the advertising material you book with us.

We create according to your wishes, but also according to learned methods for best possible effectiveness. This makes our customers more successful and does not burn money unnecessarily, of which small businesses do not have enough anyway.

Target marketing

Target marketing to the right customer and you will see that your business can scale.

Your small business can’t get to quality without quantity!

It's an unwritten law. That is also the reason why large companies have significantly more margin than small companies. Products and services that are perceived by the consumer in a more optimized, focussed and efficient way will generate profit in your cashbox as an entrepreneur.


This means that you need to have enough customers every day to improve your services and products.

With the help of Father Morgana you can focus on your core business and at the same time you learn important marketing and sales strategies that will make you successful in the long run.

You can book all our services online. We communicate via Video Chat and WhatsApp. You get access to exclusive business strategies and can participate in regular marketing meetings with other entrepreneurs.

You can pay for our services on a monthly basis, so you always remain flexible.

Start in our marketing online shop or let us do a short marketing analysis. You decide on your future. We create your tomorrow. 

We’re Father Morgana - Creators of Tomorrow!

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